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Mycotoxin Testing Services in Ohio

We have all heard of mold and know what effects it has on the human body. However, most people don’t know about Mycotoxins.

What are mycotoxins? They are a chemical produced by molds when there is more than one competing in an area. They can also be released when the mold colony feels that it is in danger. The job of remediation is to get rid of the mold. However, what is left behind can inadvertently can make you even sicker.

Mycotoxicosis or Mycotoxin Poisoning can be harmful to humans and to animals. Ingesting, breathing and physical contact with mycotoxins can cause numerous health issues.

Signs of Mycotoxin Poisoning

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Commercial Mycotoxin Testing for a Healthier Environment

Ensure the safety and health of your property with our expert mycotoxin testing and sterilization services. Sick Building Syndrome has become more of an issue worldwide. When employees are sick at work and feel better outside of the building, you may have Sick Building Syndrome. According to Dee Carter, an associate professor and head of microbiology for The University of Sydney, “There is evidence globally which demonstrates there is a very strong link between poor indoor air quality, particularly caused by moulds, and the overall health of a building’s occupants.” Mold remediation may exacerbate the issue as it does not address the creation of mycotoxins during the remediation process.


The Best Mycotoxin Testing Company in Ohio

Our team of skilled environmental consultants is leading the way in mycotoxin identification and removal. Environmental Consultants of Ohio is one of the first companies in the nation to offer air and surface mycotoxin testing for families such as yours. If you have had a mold remediation done and are feeling sicker than before, it may be caused by mycotoxin poisoning. Contact us today to schedule your testing.

Innovative Approaches to Ohio Mycotoxin Testing

In the evolving field of Mycotoxin testing, Environmental Consultants of Ohio is the first company in Ohio to offer this revolutionary new testing and sterilization protocol. Our commitment to our client’s health and education have made us a leader in this industry and we are on the forefront of new and innovative testing and treatments. If you or someone you love has been sick and doctors can’t find the cause, it may be Mycotoxin poisoning.

Keeping Your Family Safe From Mycotoxins

At Environmental Consultants of Ohio, we are dedicated to ensuring your home is a safe and healthy environment, free from the dangers of Mycotoxins. Mycotoxin Poisoning or Mycotoxicosis can cause symptoms that can range from respiratory issues such as asthma, wheezing, difficulty breathing, to organ damage or even cancer. Text us today to schule your consultation.